Last Monday we went out and hosted a SWELL fashion show, right in the middle of the SDSU campus. Check out the groovy clothes these models sported, and make sure you go to to cop your own garments!



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After dealing with the corporate bullshit over at the school radio station, I decided to take this thing to the next level, and VOILA! Brightside Network Media was born. My vision is to enlighten the masses with the taste myself and the BNM team have acquired and fell in love with. Its not that we are trying to force music on you like other blogs, but more to instill the culture of music as an art, that can be appreciated like a nice glass of Scotch. Its all in the hips baby, its all in the hips. To get a little more personal, Im totally into the more mellow side of things. I love me some good, lyrical hip-hop, as well as some synth indie rock or pop. Throw in some nu-disco and a hefty dose of funk and you got a Ders cocktail. Not to say I dont dabble in the electro scene (ladies) :) Stay golden my friends, and please enjoy yourselves.

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